ALS Research

ALS Research in Canada

  • ALS NB & NS is an independent and autonomous non-profit organization.
  • We provide practical services and programs (equipment loan program) for people living with ALS in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
  • ALS NB & NS designates 40% of the funds raised at our annual walks for research (
  • ALS Canada funds high impact, peer reviewed research. For information on ALS Canada funded svenska casinon research and how clinical trials work, please refer to

ALS Research in NB and NS

There is world class research happening in our back yard!            

ALS Canada Brain Discovery

Canada 2 year Bridge Grant

How Does Medical Research Work in Canada?

Canadian Neuromuscular Disease Registry

Clinical Trials

Publications, Resources, and Links

Pathways To Diagnosis – A research paper sponsored by ALS NB & NS
ALS Advisory – New Brunswick
ALS Advisory – Nova Scotia
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