Support for Health Care Professionals

  • Our goal is to be able to provide a basic level of service/equipment for every person diagnosed with ALS in our provinces. That means that every person living with ALS can breathe, is mobile, can communicate, is safe.
  • To access our equipment loan program, people living with ALS must have completed our Enrolment Form and a Prescription Form must be completed for each piece of equipment by the appropriate member of the health care team.
  • The Equipment Loan Program is designed to help people cope with the daily challenges of living with ALS and avoid unnecessary financial hardship.
  • ALS NB & NS makes every effort to deliver the equipment as prescribed. We cannot guarantee the exact manufacturer and model as requested is delivered but we try to fill the prescription as close as possible to the specifications and measurements included in the prescription.
  • ALS NB & NS is a non-profit organization entirely funded by the generous donations of the people of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

The equipment loan pool consists of: mobility equipment (manual and power tilt wheelchairs, walkers, scooters), basic communication devices,respiratory equipment,bath assist equipment,hospital beds.

This is a recycled equipment loan program.  That is, our equipment serves more than one person and is used several times.  It is cleaned and sanitized between uses and maintained by professionals when required.

We obtain equipment by purchasing new pieces when funding allows, by assisting with co-payment of insurance deductibles, and donations.

We loan the equipment out free of charge with no needs testing.  Sometimes, however some auxiliary, one person use accessories/services will need to be paid by the person to whom it is loaned.  However, when it is absolutely not possible,  the ALS Society will on a case by cases basis consider taking care of these fees when the budget is available to do so.

ALS NB & NS does not loan out equipment for trial as it cost prohibitive to do so.

Except in the case of breathing equipment which is delivered within 24 hours if at all possible, requests for other pieces of equipment are processed on a first come, first serve basis.  The turn-around time for equipment is 2 – 6 weeks to allow for proper sanitation, regular maintenance, and inventory control.